Hotel ID: 206

Hotel name: 236 Hurumzi (Formerly - Emerson's & Green Hotel)

Address: , Zanzibar, Tanzania,
Price per night from: $90
Venue type: Hotel
Area type: Coastal

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The hotel has only ten guestrooms. Each room is unique but all are equipped with large Zanzibari beds complete with netting. Most rooms have ceiling fans but others are equipped with air conditioning. On the first and second floors you have the large “Sultan size” rooms. It is these rooms that remind you of history of the place: 20-foot ceilings, carved doors, original stucco décor and hand painted glass lamps. An integral part of the skyline of Zanzibar, along with mosque minarets, Hindu temple towers, and church spires, is the Tower Top restaurant of 236 Hurumzi, Formerly Known As Emerson And Green Hotel. The second tallest building in Stone Town Zanzibar, the hotel has been restored to its former glory when it was the residence of one of the richest men in the Swahili Empire. Atmosphere is of principal import as the furnishings are all original Zanzibari antiques of varied origins and styles that, together, create the impressions of Arabian Nights and sultan princesses escaping in the dead of the night for romance. The Tower Top Restaurant lies high among the minarets, temple towers, and church spires. It is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary eating venues in the world. Located on the roof of the building, it makes guests feel as if they're on top of the world as they sip exotic drinks and watch the sun disappear into the Indian Ocean. The Muslim call to prayer accents the eastern setting of Arab-style pillows and small tables and the Hindu Temple chimes remind visitors that they are far away from the stress they left at home. A typical menu for the Prix Fixe meal consists of appetizers of local vegetables, seafood and small canap�s, a soup or salad, a main course of fish or chicken with vegetables and spice scented rice and, finally, dessert with tea or coffee and after dinner drinks. Vegetarians can easily be accommodated, with prior notice to the chef. As you leave the restaurant, be sure to look up at the stars, we think they're brighter here.