Hotel ID: 159

Hotel name: Heritage Golf And Spa Resort

Address: Domaine de Bel Ombre,, Mauritius, Mauritius,
Price per night from: $200
Venue type: Hotel
Area type: Coastal

Contact Details

Phone: ( 230 ) 266 97 77
Fax: ( 230 ) 266 97 78

Heritage… one only has to whisper the word to conjure up images of a paradise lost, of nature in all its original unspoiled purity, of the refinement and splendour of past times. African heritage Nowhere else in the world but on the island of Mauritius can one find such a rich mosaic of people whose cultures and traditions have melted into an exotic symbiosis which is the source of the secret of the Mauritian art of living. It is from the sensual and spellbinding qualities of Africa that Heritage Golf & Spa Resort has drawn its inspiration. It is in these qualities and in homage to our roots, that we find our authenticity, by perpetuating our rainbow heritage…. one of hospitality and the ability to share. Discover the authentic Mauritius… Situated on the magnificent Bel Ombre Estate, a former sugar plantation covering 10 400 hectares edged by translucent blue lagoons, The Heritage Golf & Spa Resort is much more than simply another luxury hotel. It is a place imbued with history – the history and splendour of the sugar barons – set in surroundings of astonishing natural beauty. It is a place where the sweetness of life reigns supreme. It is here where one can rediscover the beauty and abundance which is unique to our “pearl of the Indian ocean”.. Luxury in perfect simplicity… The tourist, weary of gold-plated ostentation and of modernism that can also be soulless, will find the Heritage Golf & Spa Resort to be a haven of peace and tranquillity where one can experience unfettered privilege but in a manner that always feels accessible rather than something remote and strange. Each guest will enjoy the experience, relaxed and with their energy replenished, alone or with their family, an experience of authentic sensations far from the bustling activity of the city. With an amazing golf course and one of the most beautiful locations on the Indian Ocean dedicated to well-being, the hotel offers guests a range of delights unique on the island of Mauritius.. Dedicated to treating both body and spirit, the Seven Colours Spa, the concept of Véranda Resorts, is an oasis of tranquillity, authentic and refined. This unique spa village of cabins in ochre tints, draped with gossamer veils balancing delicately on the refreshing breezes… the African inspired décor surrounded by plants, water features and cascades and exuberant blooms of island flowers. The Seven Colours Spa with a floor area of 3,000m2 has 20 treatment rooms, 7 massage rooms of which 3 are double, and 2 massage kiosks on the beach, affusion showers, steam baths, a huge sauna with a cold water pool, a pool with eddying currents, divans in kiosks especially provided for relaxation, and one consulting room where tailor-made treatment programmes can be discussed.